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When the earthquake occurs, how to avoid the danger scientifically?


Jiuzhaigou earthquake

A 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck Jiuzhaigou County, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province at 21:19 am on August 8. After the earthquake occurred, president Xi Jinping paid high attention and made important instructions immediately. He demanded that the earthquake disaster of Jiuzshaigou shall be verified immediately and the related parties and organizations shall involved in the rescue of the wounded residents and visitors to minimize the casualties as less as possible.

The moment when a destructive earthquake occurs, there are only around ten more seconds from the beginning of the earthquake to the collapse of houses. And this is the critical time for rescue. In this critical moment determining one’s survival or death to a certain extent, try to be calm and choose the appropriate rescue methods.

Methods to avoid injure of earthquake indoor

When earthquake occurs, you should use the soft cushions or pillows to protect your head. If you find gas leakage, do not make a fire and use a wet tower to cover your nose.

2. Choose a place where there are solid objects which can cover your body, and it is easy to form the triangular space, such as the low wall, the place next to the solid furniture, the corner, and the place with pillar. A small room, such as a bathroom, storage room, kitchen, etc. are also good place to hide yourself. The ideal places are bathroom and kitchen where there may be water and food.  

3. The posture should be: squat down or sit down, curl your body as much as possible and reduce the center of body weight.

4. When encountering a strong earthquake, do not open the window or jump off the building. It is difficult to open doors and windows because they may be distorted or badly deformed due to the strong earthquake. If you try to open windows and doors, you will waste precious time of self-rescue. If you jump, the building may be very high and jumping will cause your injure or death. Moreover, you may be badly injured or even died because of the collapsion of the building.

Methods to avoid injure of earthquake outdoor

1. Sit or lie down on the open ground by your side and avoid falling down.

2. Don't run around, avoid crowded places and don't return to the house.

3. Avoid buildings, overpasses, tall chimneys, water towers and other tall buildings. Avoid dangerous or hanging objects such as transformers, poles, street lamps, billboards, cranes, tall trees, etc. Avoid narrow streets, dangerous and old houses, dangerous walls, parapet walls, brick wood and piles, etc. If you are on the mountain, you should avoid the foot of the mountain and steep cliffs, in case of landslide and debris flow.

Methods to avoid injure of earthquake at school

1. When the earthquake occurs, teachers and students should not rush out of the classroom in panic and crowd the corridor in case of trampling and tumbling.  

2. When students are In class, teachers should calmly instruct them to quickly cover their heads (or cover their heads with schoolbags), close their eyes and hide under their desks.

3. On the playground and outside, teachers and students should stay in place and hold your head.

4. Avoid tall buildings and do not return to the classroom.

Methods to avoid injure of earthquake in cars

When an earthquake occurs, driver of the car should slow down and stop at the side, but do not brake suddenly. If you are on an overpass, viaduct or highway, you should leave immediately. Passengers should hold on to the handrails to avoid falls or injuries. You can lower your center of gravity, stay close to your seat and get off the vehicle after the earthquake.

Other methods of self-rescue

When an earthquake occurs, it is possible to encounter disasters such as gas leakage, fire and debris flow, an appropriate method shall be adopted for self-rescue.

1. When encountering gas leakage, cover your nose and mouth with a wet towel. Do not make a fire or try to move.

2. When encountering fire, lie on the ground and cover your nose and mouth with woven fabric. After the earthquake, try to move to a safe place by crawling against the wind..

3. When there is a fire at the chemical plant and toxic gas leakage, do not run at downwind direction, instead you should escape as far as possible from the wind direction, and cover your nose and mouth with woven fabric.

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