What properties are needed in polypropylene composite material raw materials?
Actually, the polypropylene composite material manufacturer consistently pays careful attention to the properties of raw materials. It's the mixture of materials and technology which makes perfect item. When materials are being selected by the producer indexes are considered and analyzed. When the materials are processed, manufacturing technology is an integral way to make the most of properties and its functions.
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Kitech New Materials Co. Ltd is committed to this Non-woven fabric for mask industry and has extensive manufacturing expertise. Various in styles, Kitech New Materials's plastic raw material can meet the needs of different customers. Kitech polypropylene material properties complies with general electrical safety standards, especially IEC standards. They include IEC 60364 series, IEC 61140, 60479 series and IEC 61201 series. High flowability makes our high performance polypropylene composite material more famous. Kitech New Materials's management solution helps it deliver better customer service. Our high performance polyamide composite material features good heat resistance.

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