What are SMEs for polypropylene composite material?
Since the beginning, Kitech New Materials Co. Ltd proceeds to provide the best quality polypropylene composite material from the market. Each bit offering excellent quality and reliability that's made us famous one of Chinese SMEs. Though as an SME, we provide a comprehensive product lineup with superior support.
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As a large producer of Health protection products, Kitech New Materials is one of the very best in China. Various in styles, Kitech New Materials's polyamid pa6 can meet the needs of different customers. Kitech polymer material will go through a series of automatic tests. They include a polarity test, earth continuity test, insulation resistance test, and current leakage test. Our high performance polyamide composite material has good wear resistance. The product can offer water that is clean and harmless. Its activated charcoal, with maximized number of pores, has largely widens its absorption surface to remove more pollutant molecules. Kitech's long glass fiber reinforced material can reduce the material consumption of products.

When it comes to our customers, we want to provide excellent products. As for services, we intend to “go the extra mile”.

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