What Are Rugs Made Of?

by:Kitech     2020-05-16
Rugs are designed to add warmth to your home and are usually soft to the touch. They used to be more of a hard wearing and protective textile and not as luxurious and comfortable to sit on. This is unlike today where floor coverings can be one of the best features in a living room if you pick wisely. Persian rugs were the most well-known type and traditionally made using wool. This was one of the most readily available materials to use thousands of years ago because, like today, sheep are everywhere. Silk was also used in the 17th century but this style remains a lot less common as silk is not a durable material. Consequently, it was not used for floor coverings. They were however much better suited to being tapestries on walls, especially as they feature lovely decorative patterns. They were also a lot more expensive to create and easily damaged. People had to use wool and silk as this is what was on offer to them. This is in huge contrast to today where we have a number of 'fake' materials created so that we can have a wider range of choice when picking what to make furnishings out of, and also what is cheaper and most durable to create. Today there is a wide range of other materials such as polypropylene and acrylic. Materials have their pros and cons and this can be easily identified with polypropylene, wool and nylon. One of the most inexpensive materials is polypropylene but it is difficult to dye and does not wear as well as nylon or wool. Nylon is much more versatile than polypropylene as it can be dyed and printed onto very easily. Wool is one of the best materials in terms of ease of use as it has brilliant durability, dyed very easily and is quite abundant. Today the two most common materials when creating rugs is nylon and polypropylene because they are the cheapest materials to use. However, rugs made from wool give the nicest feel under foot. Rugs have rubber backing today on every design to make them more practical and safe ensuring that people are less likely to slip or trip on them. Whether you prefer traditional designs or modern designs when searching for rugs you find a vast array of both. When you see the traditional designs you can appreciate the hard work that went into them and how they were a great blessing in the 16th century to keep peoples home's warm.
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