What are raw materials for polymer material manufacturers production?
As an integral part of creating an attractive polymer material manufacturers , high-quality raw materials selection is vital for the manufacturer. Apart from that, the raw materials also influence its cost which is the significant factor taken into purchaser's consideration. The quality of raw materials must be focused on. Before being put into process, raw materials should be tested several times strictly. This is for quality guarantee.

With core advantage of polymer raw material suppliers, Kitech New Materials Co. Ltd takes the lead in field of polyamide resin. As one of Kitech New Materials Company's multiple product series, polyamid pa6 series enjoy a relatively high recognition in the market. The quality control of Kitech polyamid 6.6 is conducted by the QC team. It is stringently checked on various parameters to meet the different pool sizes or shapes. Good heat resistance and weather resistance are also the highlights of our long glass fiber reinforced material. Its quality is secured under our excellent technical resources and human resources. Good processability is one of the characteristics of our developed high performance polypropylene composite material. .

We provide various outstanding polyamide resin, which can meet almost all the needs of users. Please contact.
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