What are main products for Kitech New Materials to export?
Kitech New Materials Co. Ltd has obtained the abs polymer export license. A copy of the export license can be provided if there are special requirements. In China, when a supplier wants to find an export license, it must go through complicated procedures.

Specialized in the industry of polyamid pa6, Kitech New Materials Company is a backbone exporter in China. As one of Kitech New Materials Company's multiple product series, polymer material manufacturers series enjoy a relatively high recognition in the market. Production processes of Kitech ppa gf mainly include several parts: fibers preparation, washing, loosening, fabric dyeing, combing, and others. The long glass fiber reinforced material has an outstanding designability characteristic. This product is wonderfully soft, smooth and luxurious, for even the most sensitive skins. So people will like it if they enjoy these feels. The high performance polypropylene composite material is made of preferred materials and filling additives.

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