What are applications of polypropylene composite material produced by Kitech New Materials?
Kitech New Materials Co. Ltd, as a brand company, has been involving the business in a majority of industrial fields. polypropylene composite material, as one of the main products promoted by our company's research & development department, is the one that the company has vested most of our trust in it. According to our exception, this kind of product can be applied to some common aspects of our daily life, and it can also be used to some specified aspects to highlight its function. And its application shall be determined by the detail situation and customers’ demand. There is no doubt all of its application can present its advanced technology and multifunction.
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Kitech New Materials is a standard polyamid pa6manufacturer. Various in styles, Kitech New Materials's Health protection products can meet the needs of different customers. The product has a fine tenacity. It can withstand the influence of exterior force such as incision, peening, bending, and pulling. The high performance alloy composite material is mainly applied to auto parts such as air vents. Enhancing the customer service techniques is a focus of Kitech New Materials. Excellent electrical insulation property wins fame for the high performance polyamide composite material.

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