Valuable Tips For Selecting Home Carpeting

by:Kitech     2020-05-16
Updating your home with new flooring is one of the best investments you can make. Although new flooring can be quite costly, it brings the home together in harmony, offers warmth and splendor and adds value to the home. By choosing the right flooring, you can expect that your home will sell better and continue to evolve with the trends. One of the most popular floor types is home carpeting. Nothing is as soft and luxurious as carpeting and it makes the perfect place for kids to play. Many homeowners have found themselves disappointed with carpeting however, as it can stain, fade and wear quickly. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid this from happening beyond just choosing a 'quality' carpet. Too often, consumers rely on the advice from salespeople and are misinformed on what makes a superior carpet that is sure to stand the test of time. While it's true that you get what you pay for, this doesn't mean that investing in the most expensive carpeting will get you a lifetime of use. Instead, evaluate the factors that are important to you. Determine where you plan to install the home carpeting; will it be in low or high traffic areas? Will you need a stain protector? Also consider the color and material of the carpet. While you want to choose a color that you enjoy, you also want a hue that will hide dirt and stains. The type of material will affect the overall appearance, durability and eco-friendliness of the selection. The two most important criteria in carpet construction and quality are density and twist. The density refers to how many carpet fibers there are in one square inch of carpet. The closer together the fibers are, the better density the carpet will have. This is important to remember, as many high density carpets will feel hard and may deter you from choosing them. Lower density carpets on the other hand, will feel softer. However, with more density comes better wear and longevity, as the carpet fibers won't matt down. The twist of the carpet refers to how many times the yarns have been twisted. The more twists, the better. This makes the yarns more durable and less likely to matt. By choosing a selection that has tightly wound carpet fibers, you can enjoy newer-looking flooring for longer. Of course, check with the manufacturer or retailer to determine other qualities about the carpeting, such as how it responds to foot traffic and whether it offers stain resistance. Material is another factor to consider when choosing home carpeting. It may be hard to use this as a focal point, so instead narrow down your search and then inquire about the construction. Generally speaking, you will find the bulk of carpets made from polypropylene or nylon. Polypropylene is inexpensive and durable, although there are some concerns about its synthetic construction and its impact on indoor air quality. For these reasons, some homeowners have shifted to nylon carpet, as it's still durable and reasonably priced, although more expensive than polypropylene. Since nylon can be made from recycled contents, there are many eco-friendly selections constructed of nylon. Just be sure that it is treated with stain resistant properties, as nylon is not naturally resistant to stains. If you're looking for inexpensive carpeting to be placed in low traffic areas, consider olefin. This type of carpet is economical, but also less durable and won't last an extended period of time. If quality is what you're after and you don't have a strict budget to follow, wool is environmentally friendly, all-natural and offers supreme durability and warmth. So what is included in the 'cost' of the carpet? It's commonplace for homeowners to request a free quote from a carpet company, especially upon hearing of great deals for the material. Yet when they receive the quote, the price is much, much higher. The cost per square foot is just one component of the total flooring project. There are many other things that will affect the overall price such as removal and replacement of furniture, removal of existing flooring, sub-flooring preparation, delivery, installation and materials. It's not uncommon for carpet retailers to jumble all these costs into one, but be sure to get a detailed list. When you have a breakdown for your home carpeting project, you can price compare across retailers. And, you may be able to get the carpet you love through a wholesaler for much less.
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