Trampoline Mats Come in Various Shapes and Sizes

by:Kitech     2020-05-17
It is possible to purchase a replacement trampoline mat for any trampoline, regardless of size or shape. Trampoline mat replacement is necessary to get the best and safest bounce possible from your trampoline. Trampoline mat fabric is woven of yarn consisting of 98% polypropylene and 2% carbon black. Carbon is added to increase UV-resistance because natural polypropylene would soon fail under the sun's UV-rays. When purchasing a trampoline mat it is imperative that the new mat is sized correctly to ensure that all trampoline parts are tensioned correctly. If the mat is not properly sized, it can result in an unsatisfactory bounce. Beware of websites that have stocked mats for round or rectangular trampolines, such as mats for 12' trampolines or for 7' x 14' trampolines. If it looks as if the mats are stocked you should call the manufacturer to see how it is produced and be sure that it is a reliable source. Most round trampolines are not perfect circles, in fact usually the only ones that tend to be the same diameter in multiple places on the frame are in ground trampolines. For this reason, it is important to consult with the manufacturer to be sure that you are getting a trampoline mat that will fit properly. Due to the shape and design of rectangular frames, they sometimes develop an inward or outward bow in the middle of the long sides of the frame. This is also another factor that should be considered when purchasing a trampoline mat. A stocked mat would not be sized accordingly causing a less than perfect performance. The most common trampoline shapes offered are round and rectangular. Round trampolines are usually the budget-friendly option because they are more common and easier to produce. Rectangular trampoline mats are usually easy to find but may sometimes require custom production because the sizes are not always as standard as round trampolines. Octagon mats are generally the most difficult shape to find replacement mats for, because they are the rarest. Another mat shapes are mini mats, tumble track, 16 sided, 12 sided, 5 sided, oval, true oval and lacrosse rebounder mat.
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