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To work with gratitude can help you keep the best mood and achieve the highest success



Once a father warned his son, "when you start to work, you should make effort in your work. If you're lucky to have a good salary for your first job, work hard and be grateful. If the salary is not ideal, you should know how to improve your skills at work.

The father was no doubt wise. All young people should keep these three words in mind and always act according to this principle.

Perhaps not every job may be perfect, but try to thank the work environment, the boss, every job opportunity with gratitude. Even if your position is under anyone else, do not haggle. Instead, you should take each task as a new beginning, a new experience, and an entrance to success.

Every job has valuable experience and resources. The frustration of failure, the joy of success, the rigor of the boss, the competition among colleagues, etc. are all the feelings and forges that any worker must experience to be successful.

According to the human resources director of a well-known company, it is inappropriate for some college graduates who are on the internship to negotiate with their boss before they start working, or to bargain with the department head after they get a small score in their new position. They should know how to appreciate the cultivation of the enterprise, rather than whether they should take a few hundred more salary, and should raise reasonable salary demands to the enterprise when they have achievements, in this way they can have greater development in the enterprise.

A programmer who had been working for a software company for eight years lost his job at the time when he was doing well at his work because the company went bankrupt. At that time he had his third son which meant he had to find a new job immediately.

A software company was hiring programmers with a good salary. He went for it with confidence. With excellent professional knowledge, he passed the written test easily .He was confident with the interview two days later.

However, the interviewer asked questions about the future development of software, which he never considered before. And as a result, he was eliminated.

But the company's understanding of the software industry is refreshing. He wrote a letter of thanks to the company. He wrote that thanks to the company spending a lot of money and effort to provide me with the written tests and interviews. Thanks for your efforts. Thank you!” The letter was passed around and finally sent to the President.

Three months later, the programmer received an unexpected offer from the company. It turned out that the company had seen his grateful qualities and had thought of him when there was a job vacancy. Ten years later, with excellent performance, he became the vice President of the company.


In business, people who are grateful are more popular. Human resources experts say that many well-known companies are looking for employees who have not only professional knowledge, but also their ways to deal with problems and the speed at which they can fit in the company.

However, nowadays many employees can be grateful for a little help from a stranger, while ignore the favors of a boss whom they get along with daily. They take it for granted as a purely commercial exchange.

The oil magnate Rockefeller once wrote in his letter to his son, saying that every time he thought about the company he worked for, thought of the boss Mr Hewitt and Mr Tuttle, he felt heartfelt and grateful. The job was the beginning of his life-long struggle which laid the foundation of success for him. He was always grateful for those three and a half years of experience.

It is true that employment and being employed are a contractual relationship, but is it impossible that there can not be an element of gratitude within such a contractual relationship?

It is precisely because of this job opportunity that we have the material survival and the stage to realize the value of life. It is the opportunity that we can make good use of our intelligence. It enriches our experience. It gives us room for showing our abilities and talents. So why not tell your boss and thank him for the opportunity?

Of course, everyone's success is inseparable from their own efforts. But no matter how perfect and wise you are, you can't feel grateful for others.

Think about every action you take. It is the understanding and support of your colleagues, as well as the knowledge learned from them, that give you opportunities for success and promotion.

So some people say that the first step to success is to be grateful. Always be grateful for what you've done, and grateful for what others have done for you. Be grateful is one of the responsibilities of a leader.

An ordinary employee promoted to general manager two years later once said that he was just an ordinary employee without any experience when he first came to the company. The reason why he was promoted to general manager in just two year is a grateful heart at work. He thanks his boss for the opportunity, his colleagues for their care and help. It's this gratitude that makes me work harder. I want to do my best to give back, and life gives me back even more.


Gratitude to work is not only good for the company and the boss, but also good for bringing lots of things deserving gratitude. This is an eternal law of the universe. It is not virtue to be indebted to others, but kindness to others is virtue. Virtue is born when one is grateful. Do not think that work is boring. When you work with gratitude, you will easily become a virtuous person with more affinity and influence, and with unique personal charm.

To work with gratitude can help you keep the best mood and achieve the highest success.

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