Kitech high performance polyamide 6/66 composite material series.
Combine with  high strength and appearance perfectly, and has the balance of rigidity and toughness. It is very suitable for dynamic products, such as auto parts, sports equipment, baby stroller and other structural parts.It's the first choice to replace steel with our high polymer composite materials to realize lightweight.We import polyamide slicing from international companies as the backing material and take painstaking efforts in the research work of dozens of high performance glass fiber, mineral fiber and the mechanical properties of filler, dispersion effect, framework effect, with modern high precision, high torque, high-speed twin-screw extrusion system, we invent the innovative screw combination independently, adopt scientific extrusion process, to have the excellent and stable product performance. The performance significantly beyond the domestic similar kinds of products, superior to the international brand.Kitech developed product specifications with special requirements such as high temperature resistance, long-term heat resistance stability, hydrolysis resistance and weather resistance for environment-friendly using of dynamic products, which are widely used in the surrounding parts of automobile engines, automobile water tank, air filter system, intake manifold, engine cover, rearview mirror framework and various automobile functional parts.

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