Stable MFI: 1540g/10min (GB/ t3682.1-2018)

High MFI reduces the energy consumption of melt-blown process, improve the productivity, which is suitable for the weak hot air flow drafting of melt-blown process.

Professional MFR/MVR fusing indicator process detection, SPC strictly controlled at ±50

Extruder melting pressure and electric current timely monitoring to ensure material uniformity and stability


Ultra-low ash content: ≤180ppm (GB/ t9345-1998)

Low odor, effectively prolong the cleaning cycle of melt-blown die head

PP raw material of high purity and high mobility

Imported low odor peroxide agent, double vacuum deodorization

Ultrafine extrusion filter, high torque extruder, high aspect ratio


MWD: 2-4(GPC) narrow molecular weight distribution

Easy to process ultrafine fiber 0.5-5 m, isogauge ≥97%

The weighing machine precisely controls the amount of peroxide crosslinking addition.

The secondary extrusion MFI has no change to ensure that the extrusion reaction is completely adequate.

Super customized imported extrusion thread/ZME/TME toothed disc


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