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Kitech will create a better life with you in the coming new year 2018


 2017 is about to go  

 No matter how unwilling we are to say goodbye to 2017  

 We have to let it go  

 Time is like a continuously running train  

 To live every beautiful moment  

 And look forward to the fantastic tomorrow 

 Thanks for your care and support for Kitech 

 Your understanding and trust is the most powerful force of our progress 

 Your concern and support is the inexhaustible source of our progress 

 Kitech wish you health and happiness 

 Hope that everything goes well with your work and your family 

     Let’s make a brief introduction of the origin of the New Year’s Day.            

     The origin of New Year’s Day called Yuan Dan in China            

    New Year’s Day, known as the “New Year” in most of countries around the world, is the first day of the Gregorian calendar. Yuan Dan in China also means the very first day of a brand new year. Yuan Dan was first appeared in the Jin Literature. In ancient China, Yuan Dan once set on the first day of October and December in lunar calender. From the Han dynasty governed by the emperor Liu Che, January 1 in Gregorian calendar was Yuan Dan, while January 1 in lunar calender in the Republic of China. China celebrate Yuan Dan on the first day of Gregorian calendar since 1949.      

   A greeting welcomes the new year. A glass of wine wishes fortune and perfectness. A brunch of flowers blossoms with warmth and beauty. A word of happiness brings laughter. A wish strengthens our friendship. Kitech wishes you happy new year on this day and hope that we can walk together toward 2018.      

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