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Kitech technology "inorganic nanocomposite polypropylene material" was identified as high-tech products, Guangdong Province!


March 2, 2013, the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department to Kitech Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd. came good news: Kitech technology independently developed by the "environment-friendly high-performance inorganic nanocomposite Poly Propylene material" was identified as "Guangdong Province High-tech products "(approval Number: Guangdong Hi-Tech Zi [2013] No. 40), the product through the processing of inorganic nano-materials, and through a special process composite technology, product upgrades Kitech has a technology innovation to make, become the vanguard of one of the provincial science and technology enterprises, and use the fact that once again proved that the "national high-tech enterprise," the extraordinary strength.

"Guangdong High-tech products" identified once a year, finds a very demanding process, including: the declared product must belong to the national and provincial promulgated the "high-tech products catalog" products, product technical level must be reached advanced domestic level above , the production of raw materials and technical equipment and security, broad product market, with significant economic benefits, legal department approval must be produced, subject to formal approval of statutory authorities and so on.

At the same time, reporting the audit process is very strict, you must first go through Municipal Science and Technology Bureau accreditation only after the report Provincial Science and Technology Department, and then the provincial Science and Technology Department organized experts to conduct assessment, the Provincial Science and Technology Department of the final product for evaluation by experts for review eligible applicants identified as high-tech products and high-tech product certificate issued. Through layers of screening, Kitech Technology has completely independent intellectual property rights and market-tested "Inorganic Nanocomposite Poly Propylene material" has emerged and eventually won the award.

According to another report, those who get "Guangdong High-tech products," the high-tech products can enjoy national and provincial policies and regulations of the preferential treatment. For already won the "National High-tech Enterprise" Cid technology, is another masterpiece.




Chairman Mr RaoDeSheng said: "the company independent research and development of new products was identified as the province high and new technology products, is the competent department for the company's recognition and encouragement, and is the company's focus on independent scientific research for a long time pay attention to personnel training. The result of the chid science and technology as a national high-tech enterprise, has the obligation and responsibility to make more achievements in the peer, in the future the company will continue to intensify to speed up the development and progress, continue to make their due contribution to the development of national material!"

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