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Kitech’s care for health


Health is the key to a better life. Kitech paid for the professional health physical examination institution Heath 100 (a nationwide organization chain) to conduct health examination for all colleagues. Many colleagues did not go for a health examination because of limited time, immersion in work or poor health consciousness. To guarantee the colleague’s health, the company hoped that the colleague could know more about their health condition and pay more attention to their health through this body examination. 

The body examinations began. Let’s have a look at the medical site.

We were queuing up for examination which was efficient.

The physical examination is going on orderly.

The colleagues from Jiangmen were having the physical examination as well.

Thanks to the company, we can know more about our physical health through this examination.

The colleagues were happy even if we had to wait in the line.

The electrocardiogram examination is an important item of the physical examination.

Everyone was quiet and waiting for examination.

Blood drawn can test our liver and kidney condition.

Considering that the colleagues could not eat breakfast due to the physical examination, the company prepare rich breakfast for them with eggs, bread and milk which was nutritious and good for health. Let’s start a brand new beautiful day!

The eggs are very nutritious and good for one’s health.

The combination of the bread and milk started a brand new day.

See there are so many bread and milk prepared for our colleagues.

The reason of the love

We would like to talk about the reason for the medical examination. In fact, this is all from sincere love for our colleagues. The chairman Mr. Yao went for a physical examination recently and went to the hospital for four times. For the first time, he ate some breakfast while he was told no breakfast was allowed before having the physical examination after he had been queuing for two hours. For the second time, he was so hungry after he had finished the whole sets of physical examination items at around 1 o’clock in the afternoon. For the third time, he went for the report. For the forth time, he made some treatment according to the examination results. This was a totally waste of time and energy. Then Mr. Yao thought, he was very troublesome due to the physical examination, then how about our colleagues? Would they be more troublesome? How to make our colleague’s physical examination become more efficient and quicker and do not delay their meals?

In order to pay attention to our colleagues’ health and avoid the inconvenience of going to the hospital directly for examination, we made a decision that we shall have the physical examination at our own factory. This is another activity for our colleagues’ health care after the establishment of Care Fund. Of course, we have lots of activities as well. The Chairman Mr. Yao raised a few requirements to us according to this activity.

1. The company must be formal and large.

2. It should be convenient for our colleague and they don't have to wait so long before having breakfast.

3. The colleagues will be able to get something to eat after the physical examination.

We started this health care activity because of this simple but sincere purpose to bring care and convenience to our colleagues.

In fact, a company's care for its employees is not only reflected in work and life, but also in the attempt to treat them as family members. Kitech makes it and we always have sincere love for our colleagues.

Members of Kitech always deal with business with love and become a man with thankful heart.

We always try our best to practice our care concept. Our relationship is similar to family. We call each other family members. Wish all family members a healthy body and a bright future!

Share the Chairman’s gratitude words with everyone

Thanks to the destiny that we get together within the Kitech family.

Because of the missions, we become united and strong.

Kitech is not only a company with social responsibility, but also a company of family, education, military and career.

Kitech give us not only good working environment and colorful life, but also a platform where all family members can have a job promotion and self-development.

Here we work with love and always be grateful.

Here we remain the same aspiration and strive for self-improvement.

Here we move toward and strive for the best.

Here we make progress and realize our dreams.

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