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Kitech’s big party for big kitech family! Part One


    A big party was held in Kitech today on Children’s day, we invite children and their parents to celebrate together, hoping to give them an unforgettable, profound memory! With the balloon and other decorative things, the party room appears particularly warm, full of the snacks, cakes, delicacies, look at the pictures,


Wow, isn't it sweet?
There are lots of presents for the children


Aye you surprised?.Kitech wants to give the warm to every family, with care and love like a real family member.
Today's party is specially prepared for our children. Of course, wish them have huge fun at this moment.
Our intention to held the party is to leave the children and their parents good memories together, and learn to give and gain on the way of growth. Therefore, for children over 4 years old, Parents and with their children to participate in the game to exchange gifts, For children under 4 years old,we already prepared their own gifts. Children's innocence infected every audience at the party.

Children and parents are standing in rows, getting to know each other and learning the rules of the game together. Look, How excited they are!
Let's take a look at the happy party which filled with children's laughter.
Shoot at the basket:

Look at the hottest, the most difficult shot game, Children carry the basketball, across the starting line and shoot at the basket

Floating Ping Pong

Parents and their children blow the floating ping-pong ball to the bowls, they blowing and blowing, wish the ping-pong balls go into the bowls smoothly and quickly.

Pick up the beans


Definitely, The most difficult test for chopsticks, pick up beans, with the concentrated look on children’s face, we wish the beans can be more cooperation.

Dress up to my parents

The most touching game, dress up to my parents

We have lovable clown at the party, they makes our children very happy whit a variety of balloons, it’s so cute that children loved it very much.

Look at the photo of the big family! With happy faces, with happy gifts, with happy ending!

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