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Kitech Hundred-Family Banquet


 The Chid Baijia Banquet - welcomes heroes from all walks of life to go home and enjoy the delicious food!  

The family of Chid is from all over the world. It is a family full of love. There are brothers and sisters and a family culture. Familyization is a very important culture of Chid. At the beginning of the seventh year, we greet our family and return to the warm family of Chid. The reunion of "Long Time" makes the family feel warm and moved! A special product represents a hometown's thoughts, and it also represents a blessing to the family of the Chid. There is a story behind each specialty, and there are family members who are prepared for it and full of sincerity. In order to meet the servants of the wind, the family of the boat, we have prepared a series of wonderful! Next, Xiaobian will take you to understand the hundred banquets of Chid!

 Kitech welcomed our family members across the country and prepared Hundred-Family Banquet so that family members could enjoy the delicacy.  

 Welcome home 

 Directors dressed up smart suits and welcomed our family members back home. 

 Thanks to the destiny, we get together and praise our meeting. There are lots of delicacy in the Hundred-Family Banquet. We can taste lots of delicacy across the country. Let’s have a look at the banquet~ 

 There are many other food besides meat and vegetable being cooked on site. 

 Besides delicacy, Chairman Mr. Yao and directors gave lucky money to all family members so that we could receive best wishes from the very first working day~ 

 See how happy we were! 

 We all enjoyed the food very much. 

 We wandered around the booths and enjoyed the food we liked. Good taste and atmosphere gave us great satisfaction. 

 With the wine and food, let’s cheer for the family reunion!. 

 How could a gathering be excellent without barbecue? Not only the elders but also the children were so happy to be involved. 

 With various shows, excellent songs and dancing, magic tricks and clown, the banquet become exciting and fantastic. 

 Chairman Mr. Yao played finger-guessing game with the clown~ 

 We awarded the performance on the annual ceremony. Those performances were prepared by the family members in their spare time. We made every effort to make the shows perfect because it was a way for us to show our best wishes and great respect for our company.   

 The most popular performance on the annual ceremony 

 The most moralistic performance on the annual ceremony 

 The most positive performance on the Annual Ceremony 

 The most surprising performance on the Annual Ceremony 

 The most actively involved performance on the Annual Ceremony  

 Kitech was awarded the National Excellent Enterprise in Innovation and New Material Industry. 

 Thanks to everyone’s great effort and dedication, Kitech could buy land under the situation of scarce land resources. 

 The banquet came to an end with the firework and best wishes for Kitech. Deeply thanks and appreciation for Kitech providing a platform for our career growth. Hope that we can move toward a more glorious future.  

 Thanks Kitech for our destined gathering.  

 Here we work with love and always be grateful. 

 Here we remain the same aspiration and strive for self-improvement. 

 Here we move toward and strive for the best. 

 Here we make progress and realize our dreams. 

 This year will be a wonderful year when Kitech can reap the harvest. Let’s struggle and fight for our personal dream, family dream and Kitech dream. 

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