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Kitech Etiquette Training - A compulsory course in workplace!


    It is so called manners make the man. If the society is a big stage, then the workplace is a small society. Each of us has the responsibility and obligation to learn etiquette, pass on it, understand and respect each other. We will meet various people, and good social behaviour will play an important role in the workplace. We are well aware of the importance of etiquette. Therefore, we prepared a training about business etiquette this month. Everyone was enthusiastic about the training. Now let’s have a look at the training.

    The lecturer emphasized the importance of etiquette at the very beginning of the training by raising a question. What is the most important impression when you first meet a person? Behaviour, voice and tone, or speech content? Everyone seemed to pay more attention to the appearance and answered the right thing. Luckily, everyone realized that the first impression we give to others is our physical appearance.

How should we dress up under the formal business occasion?


These are the dressing standard for men and women. We can have a look at the models on site.


The two models are dressed in good suit and looked very smart!


We pay more attention to our spirit and politeness under the business occasion. The lecturer make us do more practice.


    It’s our show time. Let’s show our confidence and equanimity.


    Handshake is very important. Remember that do not shake one’s hands with sweaty or cold hands.


    Practice makes perfect.

    Seat Etiquette


    After having a brief understanding of the seat etiquette, you can think about the reason why the seats are arranged like this according to the international business etiquette.

    The lecturer explain the seating arrangement.

The business etiquette is a compulsory course in the workplace. The chairman Mr Yao came and answered our questions. He told us that we should be flexible when applying the etiquette and also bear in mind that try to do your best, respect others and let them feel comfortable.


    The chairman taught and shared experience with us

    The professional appearance and proper etiquette play a vital role in work. The individual behaviour represents the company which is a typical advertisement of the company. Try to be better for yourself and the company.

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