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Kitech Elite Travels - Remain true to our original aspiration and move forward cohesively


   May is a season in blossom, a season to be thankful and a season for hard work. Kitech, tracing the China dream and struggling for our own dream in this brand new era, organized the elite travels to Yunnan and Beijing during the Labor Festival so that the staff could relax themselves as well as strengthen the friendship and team spirit. This was also a way that Kitech showed its heartfelt thanks to the staff to appreciate their effort and dedication to the company.  

  On the first day of the trip, all the family members gathered at the gate of the office building.  

  First of all, let’s experience the tour to Puzhehei in Yunnan.  

  Before enjoying the beautiful scenery, let’s join us in the campfire party. Did you feel the enthusiasm through our dancing and laughing?  

  Puzhehei is so beautiful that no word can describe its original attractiveness. It is the casting location for the TV show “Where are we going, Dad?” and the soap drama “Eternal Love”. Our photography is not professional, but the beauty is amazing indeed.  

  In such a natural and beautiful environment, we calmed down and immerse ourselves into this landscape. Here we could relax ourselves and feel like the rosy cloud, floating in the air. Finally we were here!  

  All of us are photographer. Let’s enjoy the pictures of our own. 

  The most popular pose “look at the right. There is a plane” indicated our excitement. 

  As long as we are together, the scenery is always beautiful.  

 Natural mountain and river, pretty ladies. 

 Among the karst caves, the moon cave, torch cave, fairy cave and Shenyi cave are very charming, consisting of the underground natural landscape featuring strange stones, unusual water and strange caves".Go to the fairy cave and see if there are fairies. Traveling on boat is a rather poetic experience during this tour! 

 I want to fly higher. Let’s see who can jump the highest. See how pleased and relaxed we were in this tour. 

   Laughing and sightseeing, we are Kitech elite in Puzhehei. 

   We had a great time in pouring water to our colleague as a way for fun and best wishes. We, floating on the river, got various kinds of water guns, buckets, etc to spray water on each other. 

  We could never miss the firecamp party at night. This was a party exclusively for Kitech. The popular song sung by our little kids “The Apple of My Eye” made the atmosphere become enthusiastic. We danced together to celebrate our youth and passion.  

  Now we take a look at the travel to Beijing.  

  The National Stadium, also known as Birds Nest, is famous as the fourth generation stadium in China. 

  The imperial palace is the largest and most completely existing palatial buildings in the world.The Palace Museum has been selected as a world cultural heritage site, a national relic protection unit, and a national AAAAA tourist attraction.  

  There is a saying in China “He who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man”. Therefore, members of baby products department are all true men. 

  Thanks Kitech for our destined gathering. 

  Here we work with love and always be grateful.  

  Here we remain the same aspiration and strive for self-improvement.  

 Here we move toward and strive for the best. 

 Here we make progress and realize our dreams. 

 This year will be a wonderful year when Kitech can reap the harvest. Let’s struggle and fight for our personal dream, family dream and Kitech dream. 

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