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Initial for sale! Antibacterial goggles and non-woven fabric from Kitech


Since COVID-19 identified as a global pandemic, the fight with this Global "epidemic" war is urgent! With the fastest efficiency, Kitech has successfully developed the first antibacterial goggles, special melt-blown material for mask and the medical mask non-woven fabric.

Kitech's first antibacterial goggles is on sale world-widely


01 Bactericidal and antibacterial, prevent droplet infection upgrade protection!

02 HD light transmittance with wide view

Polycarbonate lens, great experience!

03 Scratch resistance and shatter resistance, 

high flexibility

04 High temperature resistance, 125 degree disinfection compare while others can only 80 degree disinfectio

More Details

Anti-scratch coating, high impact resistance lens and not easy to scratch, prolong the using life.

Anti-fog coating design on the lens to prevent the mist on the goggles

Anti-fog coating which is a kind of nanometre material that adhere to the substrate surface. It has super hydrophilic properties which increases the surface tension of water, water fails to form water droplets but a layer of water film on its surface, so as to prevent the formation of the fog  fundamentally.

Louvered hole is designed to keep the air flowing inside the goggles, and can also prevent particles and chemical spatter entering the glasses at the same time.

The wider design of the sides of the goggles provides all-round protection of the eyes!

Rope holes at the base of the goggle legs, can fix the glasses more effectively

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