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INAMORI KAZUO: live and do not waste every day of your life


"Try to be extremely earnest" is a simple statement but is the most important principle of life.

Take swordsmanship as an example. Even in the practice court, you use a real sword rather than a bamboo one. Take archery as another example, the bowstring has to be pulled into the shape of a full moon without slack, and one should release the arrows in highly focused nerves. In every day of life and work, we all try our best and strive hard, so that we can realize our dreams on the stage of life.

Life is a play, and each of us is the leading actor. Besidest, the director and scriptwriter of the play are all ourselves. In fact, the play can only be performed by ourselves cause that is our own life.

So the most important things of one’s life is how to write the play, how to spend their whole life and how to play the role.

It would be a shame to live a life of idleness without earnest and passion. If you hope that life would be rich and vivid, then you should have the extremely earnest attitude.

Always be enthusiastic. No matter when and under what circumstance, you should always be extremely earnest. Only by that we can create the value of our life and deduct a wonderful life.

Without earnest and enthusiasm, your life will not be fruitful no matter how brilliant you are, and what correct way of thinking you have. The most important thing is to be extremely earnest if you want to make the program a reality.

Take everything seriously and deal with it without escape. This will push yourself into a corner. In an other word, do not run away and respond positively when you encounter difficulties.

This is very difficult, but the problem you're facing has to be solved. You will face to face with the difficulties, or escape without hesitation. That's the key to get great things down.

With the eagerness to succeed anyway and the humility to look at things honestly, you can seize the most subtle clues you ever ignore which can help you unravel the puzzle.

I call this a "divine hint". I always feel that if we work so hard to try to find our way, god will be moved with compassion. "Since you're working so hard, I'll help you". As a result, I often motivate my staff to "work to the extent that the gods are there to help".

Confronting difficulties face to face and pushing yourself to the limit, you can break down the stereotypes that something is impossible and generate original results. This accumulation can then infuse vitality into the script of life and make it reality.

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