How about the minimum order value for OEM products?
Typically, if you want to make an OEM transaction, they have the lowest order value. You must reach an order value to produce a product. For more information, please consult our customer service as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), our company provides world-class products for each customer's unique needs. Through our OEM service, we look forward to providing you with quality ppo material .

Kitech New Materials Co. Ltd exerts strong influence in ppa gf sector. polyamide 66 is one of Kitech New Materials Company's multiple product series. All of the textile fibers used in Kitech polyamid 6.6 are carefully screened. Any harmful chemical substances such as formaldehyde and plumbum will be weeded out by the QC team. Our high performance alloy composite material has good impact resistance even under extreme weather. A team of highly experienced quality inspectors empowers us to provide this product in accordance with the international standards. Excellent electrical insulation property wins fame for the high performance polyamide composite material.

Kitech will be devoted to innovating the polymer material manufacturers and management idea. Inquire online!
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