How about the Kitech polypropylene composite material rejection rate?
Kitech has long been noted for its engineering excellence and commitment to quality. With an almost zero rejection rate, we rarely receive negative comments on our polypropylene composite material and service. We handle returns on a case-by-case basis with the ultimate objective of making you happy.  It is our sincere desire that you experience complete satisfaction with your purchasing experience. We have done our best to match your purchase with your need.
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Kitech New Materials Co. Ltd is the best producer of polyamide 66. Various in styles, Kitech New Materials's Disposable face mask can meet the needs of different customers. The part that directly contacts with water will not contaminate the water source. The parts are made of food-grade materials which will not release any toxic substances. Our composite materials are well-designed, which ensure the automobile is safe and comfortable. Kitech New Materials aligns service behaviors with business objectives. Our high performance alloy composite material has good impact resistance even under extreme weather.

Our mission is to implement market diversification. We will seek practical approaches to sell to multiple markets so as to allow us to diversify our business, spread our risk, and we will not be tied to the changes in the business cycle of the fixed market.

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