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GAG group visits and exchanges to seek common development


    on June 21, 2018, Sui Li, the chairman of the board secretary and GAG capital, Liu Nengxiang, the general manager of GAG capital, Li Jixuan, the general manager of the auto insurance asset management co., LTD. visit Kitech Group, received warm reception by Chen, yunfeng, the member of the Kitech board of the directors, the deputy general manager of Kitech.

    GAG capital co., LTD is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GAG group. Mainly engaged in equity investment and asset management. Relying on powerful shareholders background, through the strategic investment, establish the business model of share limited partnership funds and asset management, fully using the automobile industry chain resources, focus on automobile industry chain upstream and downstream key areas, such as new energy vehicles, intelligent internet automobile, core automobile parts and after sales market. Meanwhile, seize the investment opportunities in the field of strategic emerging industries , invest in a batch of high and new technology and advanced manufacturing enterprises with advanced management experience, widen the channel of the resources, support enterprises bigger and stronger, develop together, to achieve win-win situation.

Our general manager, Chen yunfeng introduced the current development status, future planning, corporate culture and achievements that made in the development process to Chairman Sui Li.

Introducing the development status of the enterprise


General manager liu nengxiang visited our workshop and deeply discussed the molding process and materials in the workshop.


Visit the cultural exhibition wall of Kitech, understanding the application of materials, future development trend and advantages of Kitech

    Kitech is specialized in the research and manufacturing of high polymer engineering plastics. Its products are mainly used in the manufacturing of automobile parts, stroller, sports equipment and other products. With its leading technology of new materials, highly focus experience of the industry and integration of plastic molding service advantage, Kitech with its rapid growth becomes a modern leading in the country from the polymer composite materials research and development manufacturing, mold design and development, precision injection molding to the raw material color dying. In recent years, Kitech has been developed rapidly in the auto parts industry, the company's core product, high-performance polyamide composite material, is widely used in the functional components such as automobile engine peripheral, air filter system, rearview mirror, door handle and front-end module.

The application of Kitech products in auto parts

    During the visit and communication, sui li, the chairman appreciated the achievements made by Kitech in the development process, she said that the efforts and achievements made by Kitech in the orientation of the target and the construction of corporate culture are worthy of recognition. A company should have a good cultural atmosphere in order to go further.We look forward to further and more extensive cooperation between Kitech and GAG group in the future! Chen yunfeng, the General manager of Kitech, express the grateful thanks to Chairman Sui Li and General manager Liu Nengxiang for their recognition and encouragement to Kitech. Meanwhile, he is also looking forward to further cooperation between Kitech and GAG group in the future.

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