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Filter principle of melt-blown non-woven fabric


The main material of the melt-blown no-woven fabric is polypropylene, an ultra-fine electrostatic fabric that can capture dust. The droplet containing pneumonia virus will be absorbed on the surface of the fabric by static electricity. This is how the material insulates itself from the virus. After the dust is captured by the ultra-fine electrostatic fiber, it is very difficult to disengage from cleaning, and washing will also destroy the electrostatic vacuuming capacity. So the mask can only be used once.

Commonly applied in PP processing, meltblown is the polymer extrusion in non-weaving process. Known as the heart of the mask, the meltblown non-woven fabric is made into the filter layer in the middle of the surgical mask, which can filter and prevent the spread of bacteria. And its fiber diameter is only one thirtieth of the hair. Although the raw material of both the meltblown and other non-woven fabric are polypropylene, there is a big difference in the production technology and performance between these materials. The special material for meltblown fabric requires the raw material to meet the requirements of high melt index (> 1000g/10min) and narrow molecular distribution.

Using polypropylene as the substrate and special auxiliary agent which can be evenly dispersed in the parent material, Kitech adds 2%-5% auxiliary agent in the spinning process of meltblown fabric which can effectively increase the density and depth of the charge trapping capacity, so as to improve the comprehensive filtering effect and thermal attenuation performance. Under the condition of the same fiber fineness and gram weight, it can reduce the resistance and improve the filtration efficiency of non-woven products.


Kitech is the 2nd company in Guangdong province and the 1st company in jiangmen City to produce the melt-blown material. 

The production capacity is grow to 150 tons per day, which can produce 150 million masks!

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