Does Kitech New Materials provide ODM service?
Yes. Kitech New Materials Co. Ltd provides ODM service. We have the capacity to create completely customized ppo plastic per our client's request. Our experienced development team walks you through the entire ODM process, from selecting material and creating design, to defining your final specification. Our company owns and operates state of the art assembly and testing facilities, offering flexible manufacturing requirement and full customization services.

With large manufacture base, Kitech New Materials Company has big advantage in capacity for polymer material manufacturers. polyamide resin is one of Kitech New Materials Company's multiple product series. This product is able to satisfy customers with different requirements. The long glass fiber reinforced material has an outstanding designability characteristic. . In the retail industry, this product can increase the overall sales turnover because it is at clients reach and is also visible. Our high performance alloy composite material has good impact resistance even under extreme weather.

Put forward your need, Kitech New Materials Company will satisfy you to the best, the customer is a God. Get quote!
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