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congratulations to Kitech, who won the title of


    In June 2018, China light industry TOP100 enterprises summit BBS was held in Beijing, China light industry federation released the list of TOP100 enterprises of China light industry informatization in 2017. Kitech is one of the top 100 companies in China because of its outstanding performance. At the same time, "Kweichow Moutai, Gree Group, Midea Group" and other industry giants are also listed. Kitech stands out with many excellent enterprises and industry giants.

    The evaluation was attended by The leaders of national ministries and commissions, heads of China light industry association, heads of light industry industry organizations, representatives of top 100 light industry enterprises and specially invited enterprise attend the evaluation .

Zhang Chonghe, President of China light industry federation

    The six categories of indicators including operating income, total profit, operating profit margin, e-commerce revenue, r&d investment and operating income growth of the declared enterprise in 2017 were comprehensively scored and approved by China light industry federation. The declared enterprises are distributed across the country in 20 provinces and cities, covering various fields of light industry. At the same time, the selection is free from any funding, ensuring fairness and justice. The published list is highly authoritative and credible, which is also an important standard to measure the development vitality of China's light industrial enterprises. Therefore, in this evaluation of the top 100 enterprises with the core evaluation indexes of "independent R&D innovation capability, enterprise growth, quality and efficiency", etc., in addition to listed in top 100, Kitech also won the titles of "top 100 enterprises in value capacity" and "top 100 enterprises in growth capacity" in the special evaluation list.


    Kitech is a well-known enterprise specialized in environment-friendly, functional polymer engineering plastics research and manufacturing, with rich experience in functional new materials research and development for many years. As zhang chonghe, President of China light industry federation, called for, "top 100 light industry enterprises should strive to be technological innovation pioneers."

    Over the years, with the vision to build the world first-class enterprise, a prominent brand, in line with science and technology innovation, Kitech keep improving the quality, and invest tremendous efforts on science and technology research and development, establish production-industry-research cooperation base with many domestic famous universities. The company advantage products pass a number of international authoritative certification, such as UL, ROSH and REACH, FDA, etc.It is because of the company's emphasis on science and technology that keeps the company growing, and it has become a leading state-level high-tech enterprise in the industry, which is engaged in the development and manufacture of high polymer engineering plastics, the design and development of precision molds, high-end injection molding and raw material color matching.


    Kitech actively participated in and was selected as one of the top 100 enterprises of China's light industry, aiming to promote the enterprises themselves to be bigger and stronger. Meanwhile, it is also in response to the call of Chairman Xi jinping at this year's academician conference of the National People's Congress: "the goal of scientific and technological innovation should be to satisfy people's desire for a better life". In year 2018, Kitech will continue to innovate, follow the trend, stand on the forefront, take key and disruptive technological innovation as the breakthrough point, promote the sustainable and stable development of the company, assume the responsibility of "top 100 enterprises of China light industry", and play a leading role in light industry.

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