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Congratulations to Kitech on winning the second prize of the China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Guangdong Province


"What are the core competencies of your program?" "What are your advantages compared with similar products from abroad?" "What are the prospects for the product?"...... The Sixth China Innovation Entrepreneurship Competition and the Fifth Pearl River Angel Cup Science and Technology Innovation Entrepreneurship Final Competition in New Material Industry were held in Tiananzhigu Industrial Park in Qingcheng District, Qingyuan City. It is reported that the competitors are 50 leading companies in new materials industry selected from more than 500 innovative companies in Guangdong Province. Among those companies, the representatives of Jiangmen City are Guangdong Kitech New Materials Co., Ltd., Jiangmen Yinghua Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd and Kaiping Qiyu Adhesive Products Technology Co., Ltd. Kitech participated in the final competition as the first prize in Jiangmen and won the second prize in the 2017 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Guangdong Province with its domestic initiative and international leading new materials technology. They will become the representative of innovation and technology of Guangdong Province to compete on a larger stage.

Science and technology change the world, while innovation makes the future successful!
As a leader of new macromolecule materials, as well as promoter of environmental protection, Kitech stands out among the innovative enterprises. The prize and honour is the high recognition of Kitech by the market for Kitech’s many years of new materials technology research, and also the high recognition for Kitech continuously exploration and  innovation. 

Kitech is dedicated to the research and development, manufacture and promotion of new functional polymer composite materials in the national strategic emerging industry and the expansion of usage in industrial products. This can lead to  the substitution of metal and wood with plastic which results in reduced deforestation and exploitation and makes our world more healthy and beautiful.

Therefore, the 12th Five-year Plan" and "13th Five-year Plan clearly pointed out that we shall develop the new material industry and support the development of functional polymer composites materials. The development of new material industry was included in the catalogs of eight national strategic emerging industries and key nationally-supported industries. 

In this Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, Kitech, in line with the national policy orientation, launched an environmental friendly polyamide composite material with high impact resistance and inflaming retardant which can be used ad the substitution of ceramics. This technical innovation is a domestic initiative and the leading technology in the world which is synchronous with the world and must improve the development of China's polymer new materials industry and break the monopoly of foreign high-end products. Their efforts to improve product quality for Chinese manufacturers and promote the development of China's industrial technology, as well as to realize the new trend of energy saving and environmental protection in production and consumption will contribute to the replacement of steel with plastic, wood with plastic and porcelain with plastic.

I am not familiar with this kind of high-end composite material. I have consulted the technical team of Kitech and let’s make a brief introduction of the composite material. 

This project is a study on the pre-production and application of nano polyamide composite materials of high impact resistance and inflaming retardant. Nowadays the national grid insulators of high voltage are mainly made with ceramics. However, the ceramic has bad pollution and high energy consumption in production. It is heavy and easy to be broken, thus the transport cost is high. Moreover, it can not be recycled. Therefore the national policy and the State Grid Corporation of China clarify that the future development of insulator is to substitute ceramic with plastic.

The products of this project have the advantages of light weight, excellent electrical performance, high mechanical strength, good anti-pollution performance, strong corrosion resistance, and especially excellent performance in anti-aging, anti-low temperature and high impact resistance. The materials can be recycled and utilized, which not only saves energy, reduces environmental pollution, but also reduces the garbage. It is an ideal new material to replace ceramics on state grid insulator products.

Kitech has always been adhering to the core concept of scientific and technological innovation and technology-driven development with their professional and strong scientific research team. Kitech is specialized in the integrated services of plastic injection molding and creates a environmental-friendly career. As a result, Kitech could be able to successfully win the title of national outstanding enterprise in new materials industry.

The competitors introduced their products with focused attention.

Contestants showed the development plans of the company.

Show the advantages of new materials

Contestants answered the questions raised by the judges carefully.

Here showed the results of the Growth group companies.

Kitech’s vision: Become a brilliant enterprise globally and create a prominent brand nationally!

Kitech’s dream: make our earth more healthier!

Kitech's goal: Supply plastic material from China and propose solutions to all international brands!

Kitech has always been adhering to the above missions!

This is the direction of Kitech’s struggle. Let's look forward to the wonderful performance of Kitech’s new materials on the national stage!

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