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Congratulations Kitech Technology ---- TS16949 international system certification review passed !


Congratulated Kitech on its passing the ISO/TS16949.2009 Technology specification on February 5th 2009. It means that our management ability meet the requirement of international automotive market.

The establishment and operation of the ISO/TS1949:2009 is bound to expand the market of our product, which let our products can be sold all around the world. As it is a great management method, it will bring our company positive influence not only in producing but also in many other parts.

1)It is beneficial to be the supplier of automotive factory. As for now, more and more automotive clients have the minimum required on their suppliers’ management system. So that getting through the ISO/TS16949 make us qualified to be the candidate of those international automobile factories, and have the chance to be their supplier.

2)Improve the working efficiency. Technical specification ISO/TS16949 not only make requests on every part of management, but also suggest many effective, workable way in production controlling , such as quality pro-planning, measure system analysis and etc. Flexibly use these method can improve our working efficiency, reduce the cost, improve the quality and strengthen our enterprise competitiveness.

3)Make our staffs focus more in customer satisfaction

4)Increase customer satisfaction. ISO/TS16949 help us in produce quality improvement and on time delivery, which lead to the customer satisfaction.

5)Prevent product defect, reduce defective product.

Technology Specification ISO/TS16949:2002 identify analyst control and prevent defection. The implement of ISO/TS16949:2002 monitoring the product from material to processing,which can actually improve product quality and market competitiveness.

Last but not the less, let congratulate Kitech once again on it passing the ISO/TS16949:2009. And we all believe that with our effort, the tomorrow of Kitech will be better!

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