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Congratulations Kitech Technology passed the "safety standardization Enterprise"!


December 31, 2012, the company successfully passed Jiangmen City, "safety standardization three (Light) Enterprise" (Certificate No.: AQB Ⅲ QG (River) 20,120,070) identified.

Safety standardization work is the business through the development of a variety of procedures, operating procedures, organization and responsibilities of other safety standards, various departments and sectors of production safety work combine to affect the safety of both production equipment and facilities, operating environment and occupational hazards and other factors, by country and by industry standard security technology of its state, the real main responsibility for production safety, to protect the enterprise from basic production safety.

Kitech Plastics Technology Co., Ltd. as a research, development, production in one of the largest children's stroller materials production enterprises, since its inception, has always been the work of production safety as the most important task in the safe production has done a lot work:

(1) three safety education qualification rate reached 100%;

(2) to further improve the safety production management network, revise and improve various rules and regulations, and procedures;

(3) the environmental requirements of the "three wastes" treatment of all standards, accident risks rectification rate of 100%;

(4) further revise and improve the company's various emergency rescue, safety training center accreditation and so on.

Now all the work to achieve the desired goal, received a good effect, is well deserved enterprise safety production standardization.

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