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Congratulate the succeed of “Love Trip , Dream Trip” study camp


After successfully held the launch ceremony of “ Dream Of China , Dream Of Kitech” program, during June 21stand 23rd, 50 staffs took part in the themed study camp “Trip of Love, Trip of Dream”, which is held by our company in Gudou Villa of Xinhui City.

During the camp, Mr. Rao, chairman of Kitech, strengthen our execution and team cohesiveness with many simple methods. And in these two day course, every participant have been learn a lot and changed a lot. And the spirit we learn from the course makes us a passionate and powerful group.

Kitech would lake to build a company full of love, in which staff would like to unselfishly help each other just like help their family. So that Kitech established a company care fund. With 100 thousands initial funding, enterprise can help staff who is in trouble and need help. What’ more, a secret birthday party was held during the camp. Those whose birthday is in that mouth have been received their birthday present and the best wishes from other colleagues.

Just scream your dream out loud!

Kitech staff, we are proud of you!

All the participants paid much attention and enthusiasm in the course. Many of them have been said the course had been taught them a lot! After the cause, people relax themselves and having fun in the villa. However, happy times pasted so fast that the study camp was over on 23rd afternoon.

“Trip of Love, Trip of Dream”----Let love stay with us, then our dream will come true, Kitech dream will come true!

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