Baby Stroller

Kitech has been engaged in the research and applications of high-end baby strollers for more than ten years. The structure dedicated engineering plastics developed and produced for baby strollers have been widely used in major international brands and received the unanimous recognition from users.

We are familiar with the design and testing requirements for the structures of baby strollers and are taking painstaking efforts in the research work. We can provide well-proven materials and technological solutions for such destructive tests as strollers’ mechanical road running, joints weight-bearing, lifting under pressure, low-temperature drop without protection, loaded collision, combined thrust, and so on.


Excellent low-temperature cold resistance, high impact resistance, high rigidity, high fatigue resistance;

Non-boiled, low density, low water absorption difference ratio, high weather resistance, etc.

The product can solve the problems of mechanical road running, loaded impact, lifting & pushing and other destructive tests according to the requirements of European Union, American gauge, etc., and meets the environmental protection ordering requirements of ROSH, REACH item138, 12P, HF, EN71 and other baby products.

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