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Achievement is dignity in a brand new year 2018


     As an operating entity, a company can sustain development by profits which needs the effort and intelligence of all corporate members  

    Company is the battleground where employees can prove themselves. And the only way to prove themselves is the achievement.  

   The law of workplace  

     1. The problems of the company give you chance of improvement.  

     2. The problems of the customers give you chance of service.  

     3. Workplace is somewhere those who solve problems can get promoted, those who make trouble lose their place and those who complain about the problems retreat from corporate management.  

     4. Only those who are strict with you are good leaders who can really help you grow.  

     5. If you want to be brilliant, you have to acknowledge some laws of workplace, otherwise you will not be employed by the company.  

   The world of the boss  

     1. Solve the problem rather than creating it.  

     2. You yourself will be a problem if you can not find or solve a problem.  

     3. How serious a problem you can solve determines how important the position you have.  

     4. How many problems you solve determines how much salary you receive.  

     5. Problem solvers can get promoted, trouble maker will lose their place, while complainers will retreat from the corporate management. 


   No contribution is all for nothing.  

     1. Company asks for result but not process.  

     2. No matter how hard and busy you are, your works means nothing and meaningful if you are inefficient and come up with no contribution.  

     3. We insist on performance improvement as the dependence of management and the effectiveness of the work.  

     4. The job value and market value determine the allocation standard. The performance determines the actual income.  

     5. We pursue positive results which means our work should be productive and effective. We pursue good outcome for everything. We against those who say a lot but no action and those who take into action but come up with no result. We can get satisfactory reward.  

     6. The value recognition of employee from the company depends on the employee’s contribution and performance.  

   Do not leave the team easily, otherwise you have to work from the very beginning.  

     1. Do not give up when things do not go well. Every team has its own problems as well as strengths.  

     2. It’s important and that you have a good leader who is willing to teach you and let you be. You may have to be grateful.  

     3. The problem of the team gives you chance to be prominent among the colleague. Do not complain the team, otherwise you admit that you are incompetent and giving up chance.  

     4. Always be thankful to the company which serves as a platform for your growth and your colleague who cooperate with you.  

     5. Creating contribution is your core value in the workplace. Entrepreneurship is not charity.  

     6. Please give it a thought at first when you encounter a problem. It is primary to reflect the problem while it’s better to think about and solve the problem.  

   The problem is your opportunity  

     1. The corporate problem is your chance of improvement.  

     2. The customers’ problem is your chance to offer service.  

     3. Your own problem is the chance of self-growth.  

     4. Your colleagues’ problem is the chance to offer support and cooperation.  

     5. Your leader’s problem is the chance of trust by solving the problem.  

     6. The competitor’s problem is the chance to become stronger.  

   Find a way for success but no excuse for failure 

     1. Your responsibility guides your direction. Your experience, is your capital. Your character determines your destiny.  

     2. You are a specialist if you can make the complicated work simple. You are an expert if you can deal with the simple work repeatedly. You are a winner if you can do the repeated work wholeheartedly.  

     3. Beauty belongs to the confident, opportunity to the pioneer, and miracle to the persistent.  

     4. If you don't want to do it, there will always be an excuse. If you really want to do it, there will always be a way!  

   Who enjoys the victory? 

     1. Person who can always grow with the team  

     2. Always optimistic about the prospects of the team  

     3. Person who can find his position through the constant exploration of the team  

     4. Person who keep learning new things for the new goals of the team  

     5. Person who is patient and performs well under pressure  

     6. Person who shares the same spirit and aspiration with the team, shares the joys and sorrows together with each other  

     7. Person who does not care about the personal gain or loss but bear in mind the overall interests  

     8. Person who are ambitious and dedicated with both integrity and ability  

   It doesn't matter whether the cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice. 

     1. Performance is the strongest evidence of value.  

     2. Result is the standard to evaluate the employee’s performance. This is a era when we evaluate everything through the results.  

     No contribution equals to exploitation of the company.  

     To receive the salary without making progress is to waste the company's resources. Employees who can not make contribution to the company are exploiting the company.  

   For leaders, to love him is to be strict with him 

     1. Leaders who are strict with you are the ones who can really help you grow. Leaders who make you feel painful will make you become stronger.  

     2. Any powerful company will not give you a sense of security, instead, it will make you become stronger and stronger in the most strict way.  

     3. Any company that tries to give its employees a sense of security will end up destroying itself because no matter how powerful they are, they will lose their wolf nature and competitiveness in a comfortable environment.  

     4. Any company that tries to force its employees to improve their ability and develop their potential will have a great room for development. The company will either become wolves or be eaten by wolves under the competitive situation.  

     5. The company that does not give employees a sense of security actually gives them a real sense of security, because it compels them to be strong and force them into growth, therefore they have a future!  

     6. If you really love your subordinates, examine them and demand them. High requirement, high goals and high standards will force them into self-growth.  

     7. If you have goals, requirements or standards which are easy to reach, your employees will become as weak and independent as sheep or rabbit. This is very irresponsible to the subordinates, because it can only make them wilful, jealous and lazy.  

   Where is your salary from? 

     1. Why does the boss pay you?  

     2. It is impossible for employees to get rich salaries without the rapid development and high profits of the enterprise. Only when the company makes money can employees get a better return. To a certain extent, making profits for the company is earning money for yourself.  

     3. No matter what industry we are in, we must prove our value for the company with good performance, and prove that we can help the company to make profits. Those Who can create more profits for the company will be paid more.  

     4. Bill Gates once said, those who can make money for the company are the ones the company needs most.  

   Let the boss value you with your excellent performance 

     The boss will value those employees whose performance is the best for their own profit. Luck will not arise in vain and your boss will not value you unless you spare every effort to make profits for the company.  


     No matter where and when you fail to make contribution, you will sooner or later become a discarded piece. Therefore, performance is our dignity and honor!  

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