Huge Market

As a leading corporate in environmental-friendly new material industry, Kitech made great efforts to establish a provincial Polyamide Materials Engineering and Technology Research Center and a provincial Enterprise Technology Center by cooperating with prestigious universities and research institutions in China. 


The recent years have witnessed Kitech having more than 60 research projects approved, nearly 40 national patents applied, and more than 50 government-sponsored research projects completed. With large investment in technological research and development, Kitech has developed an array of high-performance polymer composite materials, high-precision molds, and precision plastic products, etc.


The plastic products from Kitech have great potentials to replace steel, wood and even imported products featured with lightweight and energy conservation.

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Core Advantages

With years of development, Kitech has achieved great advantages by adhering to independent innovation and arduous cultivation.

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Advanced Product Research and Development Technology

Over the last five years, Kitech has more than 60 research projects approved by government which were converted into more than 30 high-tech products, 34 national patents and 10 products accredited as Guangdong independent innovation products.


The high-performance polyamide composite materials developed by the Group was awarded the third prize in the 2016 China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Guangdong Region), and the first prize in the same competition held in 2017. Our high-performance polymer composite and polypropylene composite materials have been supplied to multiple world-class brands and customers.

Highly Focused Industrial Expertise

Cutting-edge Products Empowered by Advanced Core Technology

We offer high-performance, customized and import substitution solutions in products used in dynamic scenarios like automobile parts, car seats, baby strollers, sports equipment, etc.


We have developed a series of special materials with excellent comprehensive performance, high cost-effectiveness and reliable quality by conducting intense research in customers’ specific requirement and tests in material characteristics. With highly professional teams specialized in materials, mold and plastic injection, we provide customers with technological support and professional after-sales service.


Thanks to the highly-focused industrial expertise and the comprehensive process chain, our products have been broadly recognized in the market as the 1st-choice to substitute imported products, improve efficiency and reduce cost.

Integrated Plastic Injection Molding Solution

Kitech is an integrated service platform focusing on polymer composite material products, as well as highly precision mold design and plastic injection molding service.


We provide service such as raw material selection, mold development & manufacture, plastic injection molding, material dyeing and technology support. This can help solve the problems from traditional suppliers like scattered technology, low efficiency, segmented outsourcing and less comprehensive technological support.


With a strong technical team, we can provide a full set of technical support ranging from product design, mold design, processing and manufacturing, mold testing and verification, product testing to structural optimization of components.

Customized Service

To provide our customers with flexible and customized service in composite materials, precision molds and plastic injection molding.


Material consultation

Customized material research and development

Material modification and dyeing

Mold and injection consultation



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